I co-founded a street art collective called the Magnet Mafia with my long-time friend, Matthew Feeney in 2006. We built up a reputation for ourselves through art community participation, art shows, live painting at events, workshops/presentations, and of course our street presence. In 3 strong years we participated in over 120 events, sent and placed magnets all over the world, made our way into the local news by print and television, and installed our work in a museum... Although the Mafia isn't active as a collective now, we (Matt and myself) still get together to create the more advanced pieces, like the ones we had wanted to create when we had momentum.

Three years is hard to sum up into a paragraph, this section is still under construction.

more photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/magnetmafia/

<em>Photo by <a href="http://andrewtonkery.com/">Andrew Tonkery</a></em>Photo by Andrew Tonkery