Metal fabrication has been a true passion of mine since the first factory job I had at Yeti Cycles in 2000. I was officially on the assembly line of complete frame and bike builds, and unofficially the assistant machinist, using big machines and cutting tubes... I never tried welding more than a couple scraps together when I was an employee there, but the smells, sounds, and possibilities of metal fabrication stuck with me.

Since then I have worked for a few large specialty fabrication outfits (including Demiurge Design), I do a great deal of with my partners at Monolith Fabrication Studio.

With all that said, I have been interested in converging graffiti and metal since 2002. I couldn't afford to produce many designs at the time but I have kept the ideas in my head, formulated new ones. There is a little more planning involved than what an abstract painting requires, but I still like to improvise to some degree to create the final piece.