Something I've been working to bring to life for 2 years now... My first public art object/sculpture, designed by myself and my metal fab partner, Brian Greer. Look out for it this summer on Brighton Blvd. in Denver, CO.

Greenbox scale model demonstration 2012, eastbound from Stereo Abstract on Vimeo.

The idea for this concept came from an animation device called a Zeotrope... The physics and possibilities for imagery are quite a bit different (zeotropes being circular), but my initial inspiration started here. Thinking about a static object that creates an optical illusion to passers by was intriguing as well as a challenge.

Many long nights of researching animations and shutter speeds of traditional film lead to the creation of a scale model made of laser-cut mat board, wood, and paper (video above). I am excited to see how this piece turns out and I look forward to pursuing more public projects in the future.